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Monday, March 21, 2011

Podcast 36 ~ Anime not just for the young ~ Mela Lee Interview ~ Vampire Knight

In this podcast the world of Anime is explored with Eugenia and Gerri’s guest presenters Robyn and Deanna. Due to attending Armageddon, Avcon and Supanova events, Eugenia and Gerri are slowly being introduced to a whole new genre of entertainment but not experts on it yet, but give them time. That is why they called on Robyn and Deanna to find out how they got into Anime and what keeps them interested in Japanese animation and Manga. At Armageddon Melbourne www.armageddonexpo.com last year Eugenia and Gerri interviewed Mela Lee an accomplished voice over artist with many Anime characters to her credit in particular Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight. Mela is also an outstanding singer and performs along with Alex Burke (as well as others) who Eugenia and Gerri also had the pleasure to get to know in a band called Magnolia Memoir www.magnoliamemoir.com. During the podcast one of their songs will be played so put on your cosplay outfit and enjoy the podcast.

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