Women Talk Sci Fi

Friday, May 13, 2016

Episode 59 ~ First Contact with Jonathan Frakes


OK by now you know that Gerri and Eugenia are uber GEEKS and they have interviewed quite a number of your and their favourite TV Sci Fi icons! But, what happens when you interview one of your ultra-favourite? You geek out! Yes, and that is wha they did they geeked out! In this podcast they discuss one of their all-time favourite movies and that is Star Trek First Contact and(another geek out moment) they get to, not only speak to the Director of the movie but also to one of the stars! None other than the handsome, funny and wonderful Jonathan Frakes so who would not GEEK OUT when you get to sit down and talk with an Icon of Sci Fi both as an actor and now a director of some of our favourite TV shows. Jonathan also talks about his time directing some of the most popular shows on TV. Thank you very much must go to Carissa, Rand, Maggie from Oz Comic Con www.ozcomiccon.com for the interview. interview with Clare.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Podcast 58 ~ Glory to Buffy Baddies Clare Kramer


In this episode Eugenia and Gerri discuss one of the iconic shows that made being a vampire sophisticated and sexy! Yes, it is none other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer any geek girls must watch show and who did not want to be (or be with) the slayer and her trusty friend Mr Pointy, the stake!. The story of the chosen one and all the baddies in the world from those who eat kittens to The Master Vampire to the Nerds who kill! Taking its inspiration from classic tales such as Frankenstein (remember Adam) and fairy tales (Hush) were not The Gentlemen one of the scariest villains of all time as well as Dracula (of course)? Eugenia and Gerri have the pleasure of interviewing one of Buffy’s badest baddies none other than Glory herself, Clare Kramer. They would like to thank Daniel and Lionel from Supanova Expo www.supanova.com.au for their interview with Clare.

Podcast 57 ~ Which Who? The Sixth Who - Colin Baker


Don’t miss this podcast as Gerri and Eugenia along with guest presenter Jo Shrapnel discuss the era of The Sixth Doctor Who. What did you think about Colin Baker’s Doctor? Gerri, Eugenia and Jo discuss the changes that occurred during Colin’s time, the influence of the 80s his approach to the role and their likes and dislikes (what dislikes? Really who would dislike any Who!!!) about Doctor Who during that time. You can follow Colin Baker on Twitter, https://twitter.com/SawbonesHex and read his blog at http://www.freewebs.com/colinbaker/. Gerri and Eugenia have the pleasure to talk with the witty, wonderful Sixth Doctor himself Colin Baker about his career and all things ‘Who’. You will also hear their stories of spending time with The Doctor, Colin Baker. Their thanks go to Gifts for the Geek www.giftsforthegeek.com.au for the opportunity to meet the delightful Colin Baker.

Podcast 56 ~ Kavan Smith and his Eureka Moments


“Eureka” Eugenia and Gerri found it! Well the topic for this podcast that is! Eugenia and Gerri had the pleasure of catching up with the robotic Deputy Andy himself, Kavan Smith, at a Hub Productions event in Adelaide www.thehubproductions.com. You also know Kavan from his roles in Stargate as Major Lorne and 4400 as Jed Garrity. They talk about the aspects they like about the show and what hopes they have for its final episodes. They also discuss some of their dislikes, which aren’t many, well except for a really bad Australian accent. Kavan gives insight into the world of Eureka and how he developed his robot character, and one character he really enjoys playing. He also talks about how web based series like The Guild and Sanctuary have changed the way shows are marketed. If you like Eureka or not watched it, no, that can’t be right! Every geek wants to live in a town like this so you must have watched it! This is one podcast that should not be missed.

Podcast 55 ~ A Little Bit Of Magic Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman


In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia cast a little bit of magic.  They discuss the use of magic in shows such as I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Charmed, Sabrina and many more.  If you could use magic what would you do with it?  However, there is some real magic in this podcast because Gerri and Eugenia get to talk to one of the most iconic users of TV magic.  They get to interview none other than Jeannie herself, Barbara Eden and if that is not magic all on its own they also talk with Larry Hagman who talks about his life as an actor especially as Major Nelson and J.R. Ewing from Dallas.   You have to listen to this podcast very closely.  As a regular listener you know that they have spoken with some amazing people in the last few years but you will get to find out who can stop Eugenia’s vocal chords from working!  LOL. Gerri still laughs at her about it!!!  Gerri and Eugenia thank Daniel and Lionel from www.supanova.com.au for the opportunity to interview these icons.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Podcast 54 ~ The Best of the Baddies - Cliff Simon

Eugenia and Gerri go back to one of their favourites, Stargate.  They talk about all the baddies that battled with Stargate Command over the years of the shows.  They discuss the ones that they liked even though they shouldn’t.  They talk about one particular baddie that they both like very, Ba’al.  This particular bad guy was not your typical Goa’uld System Lord.  Yes, he did want to take over the Universe, he was ruthless and selfish and just plain bad, but, did it with just a sparkle in his eye.  So, sit back have a listen and then enjoy the conversation they got to have with the best baddie from Stargate, none other than Ba’al, the gorgeous Cliff Simon when they caught up with him at The Hub Productions Convention in Adelaide www.thehubproductions.com


Podcast 53 ~ Bill Farmer - A Little Bit Goofy

In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia get to interview one of the world’s best-known voices!  It is Bill Farmer the legendary voice of Goofy and Pluto some of Disney’s most enduring characters.  Recently inducted into the Disney hall of fame for his 25 years of voicing his characters he is one of Disney’s Legends.  So what else could Gerri and Eugenia talks about but the use of animation in Sci Fi.  They discuss how animation has added to Sci FI and the many enjoyable and fun characters that animation gives life to.  They would like to thank Armageddon Expo www.armageddonexpo.com for the chance to interview one of the most iconic actors in animation.