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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Podcast 35 ~ A Little Byte of Angel ~ Mark Lutz Interview ~ The Grossalugg

In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia are joined by guest presenters Robyn (Gerri’s daughter) and Robyn’s good friend Deanna. These young geek fangirls talk with Gerri and Eugenia about their likes and dislikes of the TV series Angel. The topics vary from plot line to the impact of the characters on the show. They also have an interview with Mark Lutz who played The Groosalugg on Angel. The interview was conducted at Supanova in Sydney www.supanova.com.au The audio has a bit of background noise from the event but the interview is worth a listen as Mark gives insight to the creation of his character, life and laughing. So grab a ‘byte’ and enjoy.

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