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Friday, October 29, 2010

Podcast 30 ~ INTERVIEW with Marina Sirtis who played DeannaTroi f from Star Trek TNG

This podcast is the last of Eugenia and Gerri’s trilogy of Star Trek actors or as Gerri puts it ‘our triptych of TNG’.  And what an ending it is!!  Eugenia and Gerri had the pleasure of interviewing Marina Sirtis, the Counsellor Deanna Troi of Star Trek: Next Generation at an Oz Trek 3 in Melbourne.  Thanks go to Scott Liston for providing them with the opportunity to interview this very generous, lovely, and funny woman.  It is evident from Marina’s interview that she really enjoyed her time on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and has gained from her experience, lifelong friends and memories.  Over a cup of coffee Marina talks about her life, her loves and some of her up and coming projects.  So grab a cup of coffee yourself and enjoy a fun-filled podcast as Eugenia and Gerri discuss their views about the character of Deanna Troi and then listen to The Counsellor herself, Marina Sirtis.  Visit www.firstcontactconventions.com.au for some great upcoming conventions.

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  1. Someone once told me I resembled Counsellor Troi - wasn't sre if this was a compliment or not! Now I see it was!!

    Happy travels!!!