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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Women Talk Sci Fi ~ Podcast 19 ~ Through The Stargate To Atlantis

In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia are joined by their two good friends Marlene and Sarah.  So what are they talking about? Well, they decided to get together to talk about Stargate Atlantis which is Sarah’s favourite show.  So did they just talk about the show or did it turn into a discussion about one friend’s obsession with a character from this show! Who do you think this may be well to give you a hint his name begins with an M?  So have a listen and see if you can tell which of us is the one with the obsession and find out how he (oops that is another clue) talks about how he got his role in Stargate Atlantis.  Keep listening to our upcoming podcasts and you will be able to listen to him talk about his time on the show.

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  1. Hi there, G&E! Is this meant to be Episode 19? I thought I was having a flashback when I first saw it as Number 9 ... Don't panic, I still love your work!