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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Women Talk Sci FI ~ Podcast 8 ~ GI Joe Action Figure to Action Movie

G.I. Joe has been around for a very long time and began the line of toys we now all call action figures. Many may not know that G.I. Joe was born to fight the dominance of Barbie. The battle of the sexes wages on even in the world of toys. Now that G.I. Joe has beaten Barbie to the blockbuster movie prize has that war been won? I'm sure Barbie hasn't given up yet and will continue her struggle against the usurper that is G.I. Joe.

There is no doubt that G.I. Joe has has a big influence on how the toy market is made up today. Perhaps thought of toys for boys only this is not necessarily the case. G.I. Joe is an equal opportunity toy with male and female characters of all races and creeds.

G.I. Joe is not just a toy though as there has been video game after game spanning two decades. There have been television cartoon shows and animated movies. Also a long lasting line of comic books. Now that G.I. Joe has made it to the big screen I am sure we can expect a new wave of toys, games, cartoons and comics to enjoy for years to come.

Now if only I were a kid so I could enjoy all of this without getting those odd looks.

Don't forget to visit GE News to see the photographs from the world premiere. Many thanks to George for speaking to the actors and taking those fantastic photographs.

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