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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The clock is ticking until the public release of the born again Star Trek movie. So Gerri and Eugenia are madly trying to cram everything in before the big event. So you guessed it this is another Star Trek podcast. What a cool podcast it is though with none other than J.J. Abrams as the main focus of today's podcast. It isn't just all interviews with the rich and famous though. You get to spend a day in the life of a podcast reporter. Find out what really happens behind the scenes of the media frenzy. The core of this podcast is the J.J. Abrams interview though. He seems to be a very level headed man with a passion for good stories. It doesn't matter if it is Star Trek or not just that the story evokes an emotional response. Some of you might cry that nothing is more important than Star Trek. I believe though that J.J Abrams has really grasped what Gene Roddenberry envisioned for Star Trek. It's not a show for flashy special effects and cool gadgets. It's a platform designed to tell you a story. One with meaning, filled with optimism and hope for the future. Whilst J.J. Abrams freely admits he was not a Star Trek fan when he started this project he also freely admits that the Roddenberry vision has roped him in. Star Trek will do that to anyone who wants to desperately believe that humanity will ultimately make it. In J.J. Abrams one words that very optimism that has made Trekkie's so uncool is set for a reversal. Optimism and hop is the new black. It's not all about J.J Abrams though. There is also a red carpet interview with producer Bryan Burke. Over all this is a great podcast especially for those interested in the people who work behind the cameras.

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